Experience Frontline LIVE with the Digital Enterprise

Join our experts on Oct 4, 2023, to witness TeamViewer Frontline LIVE as part of CNT’s Digital Enterprise Series.

The Digital Enterprise follows a manufacturer’s SAP innovation journey. For the integration, we feature Frontline xAssist in the Incident-2-Service track as part of our SAP Field Services Management demonstration. This track is one of the highlights of a compelling five-part webinar series where we follow a manufacturer’s integrated business processes across more than a dozen SAP solutions and modules, including SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing, SAP Ariba, the SAP CX Sales and Service Cloud, SAP CPQ, SAP IAM, SAP FSM, SAP Analytics and others.

In this Incident-2-Service track, we jump into the workflow where a warehouse robot was produced, shipped to the customer, and monitored with SAP Intelligent Asset Management. After a service incident we link from the SAP Service Cloud into SAP Field Service Management, and our dispatched Service Technician uses TeamViewer Frontline xAssist for assisted troubleshooting.

SAP Integration Services for TeamViewer Frontline 

Unlock the potential of TeamViewer Frontline for SAP with CNT’s Integration Services. Recognized as an official TeamViewer Partner, we integrate the Frontline portfolio into SAP portfolio, including SAP EWM, SAP DMC, SAP EAM, and SAP FSM. Our trained CNT consultants, backed by the TeamViewer Frontline Service team, offer seamless implementation support from planning to go-live and include the following:

  • Integration of Frontline xPick Vision Picking into SAP WM (legacy Warehouse Management), SAP STRM (S/4HANA Stockroom Management), and SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management), optimizing logistics and warehousing.
  • Integration of Frontline xMake Guided Manufacturing and Assembly into SAP DMC (Digital Manufacturing Cloud) and other SAP S/4HANA modules.
  • Integration of Frontline xInspect Augmented Reality for Inspection and Maintenance into SAP PM (legacy Plant Maintenance), SAP EAM (enterprise asset management), SAP Service Cloud, and other SAP solutions.
  • Integration of Frontline xAssist for Enterprise Technical Support and Field Service into SAP FSM (Field Service Management) and other SAP solutions, enhancing operational efficiency.

SAP Integration Approach

CNT adopts a streamlined approach for TeamViewer Frontline implementation, combining TeamViewer’s path-to-production and SAP’s Activate Methodology.

Register to Witness Frontline LIVE

Register now to watch the TeamViewer Frontline integration into SAP LIVE during our Digital Enterprise Webcast Series. The Incident-2-Service Track is set for October 4, 2023, at 10:00 am U.S. Eastern Time (16:00 CET). Highlights include:

  • See TeamViewer xAssist seamlessly integrated into SAP FSM.
  • Witness a complete end-to-end use case with full TeamViewer integration.
  • Choose to join the Incident-2-Service track individually or participate in the entire five-part webinar series.
  • Experience the real-time integration of TeamViewer xAssist with SAP.
  • Gain insights into integrating various other TeamViewer solutions.