SAP is the control center of you company.
We reduce its response time.



Who wants SAP as an ERP system of future, has to face S/4 HANA.
Modern and innovative solutions are getting more important – be prepared.

Switch in 6 steps

  • Unicode-Conversion
  • Customers codes und Data management cleaning (recommended)
  • Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0
  • Update to EHP 7
  • Database Migration
  • Upload SAP S/4HANA-Innovations

„Fit for S/4HANA“ – Your free Check

What will you and your company be confronted with in regards to Migration to S/4 HANA? We recommend our free Workshop to you where the following questions will be worked on:
  • Is your system landscape ready for S/4HANA?
  • Are the existing applications portable to HANA?
  • How your current business processes and individual software adaptions are representable in S/4HANA?
  • What are the possible risks of an exchange?

You change the life of you customers.
We support your digital transformation.


  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner Geschäftsführer CNT AT
  • Michael Seebacher
    Michael Seebacher Geschäftsführer CNT DE
  • Rainer Stierschneider Geschäftsführer CNT HR
  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner Senior Partner
  • Hans Haiden
    Hans Haiden Senior Partner
  • Günter Buchta
    Günter Buchta Senior Partner
  • Gerald Rossmann
    Gerald Rossmann Partner
  • Michael Tschernko
    Michael Tschernko Partner

„CNT offers interesting activities, a pleasant working environment and a targeted training.”

What makes us strong

Our team convinces with excellent performance.
We are looking for a close partnership with our customers regardless of the distance. A trustful cooperation, our knowledge and commitment as well as the will for achieving the goal are key factors for your successful SAP project.

Industry Knowledge


“Our teams has the knowledge to find the suitable SAP solution for your industry sector and therefore to reflect your individual needs and requirements.”



“Various projects within small, medium or big companies on national and international environment are a wealth of experience our customer benefit from.”



“Based on further education by external partners or also within our company we stay on the pulse of time and are experts in the matter of technology.”

Social competence


“Working together in a team, high motivation, willingness and adaptability are only some skills that distinguish us.”



“Methods for project management, moderation, presentation or also training are part of our training schedule and perfect the profile of our team.”



“Our employees have a business and/or technical education as well as the required SAP know-how.”



“Our employees have willingness and adaptability and are able to respond to our customers requirements.”

You are setting new benchmarks.
Our measurement unit is “Future”.


Our new office in Mainz

Our new office in Mainz

The CNT is located since 15th January 2018 in Mainz.

CNT press release

CNT press release

The CNT increases sales to over 40 million euros.This means 40 percent revenue growth and 34 new jobs.

SAP Experten for CNT Germany wanted

SAP Experten for CNT Germany wanted

With more than 200 consultants CNT supports well-known customers at Rhine-Main area. So we want to strengthen our German location at Wiesbaden. Therefor we are looking for SAP consultants across all ERP, BI and SRM solutions from SAP. For more information see “career”.

Business Brunch Tour 2018

Business Brunch Tour 2018

We want to invite you to our Business Brunch tour from 10th until 12th of april 2018 around the topic S/4HANA & HANA Analytics.

10th of April 2018
Location: Casino Bregenz, Platz der Wiener Symphoniker 3, 6900 Bregenz
Time: 8.30 am


11th of April 2018
Location: ARTE Hotel Kufstein, Marktgasse 2, 6330 Kufstein
Time: 08:30 am

12th of April 2018
Location: Red Bull Hangar-7, Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7A, 5020 Salzburg
Time: 08:30 am



Location: Schönbrunn Vienna
Date: 11th-12th of April 2018

CNT @ SAP Forum 2018

CNT @ SAP Forum 2018

Location: Design Center Linz
Time: 25th – 26th of April 2018

CNT @ Austrian logistic day VNL

CNT @ Austrian logistic day VNL

Location: Design Center Linz
Date: 12th – 13th of June 2018