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We are your implementation partner for SAP Ariba.
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Take your next career step with CNT Italy! We offer an international and motivating work environment, and the opportunity for further development and growth.
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Switch to the software for the digital core of your company that meets your business requirements.

What does SAP S/4HANA stand for - SAPs 4th generation of ERP software

  • Real-time anlaysis through in-memory-computing (HANA database)
  • Intuitive user interface with SAP Fiori
  • Intelligent automation, simultation, forecasting and anticipation
  • Native integration with SAP-cloud solutions: Hybris, Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, IBP and SuccessFactors
  • Expansion of the digital core through networking of people, processes and devices – the Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • S/4HANA is the basis for the digitization of your company

image source: SAP SE

You change the life of your customers.
We support your digital transformation.

  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner CEO
  • Michael Seebacher
    Michael Seebacher Partner
  • Günter Buchta
    Günter Buchta Partner
  • Hans Haiden
    Hans Haiden Partner
  • Andreas Lechner
    Andreas Lechner Partner
  • Gerald Rossmann
    Gerald Rossmann Partner
  • Michael Tschernko
    Michael Tschernko Partner
  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner Partner
  • Kurt Huysmans
    Kurt Huysmans Partner
  • Christian Egger
    Christian Egger Partner
  • Wolfgang Tichy
    Wolfgang Tichy Partner
  • Christian Standler
    Christian Standler Associate Partner
  • Günther Buchta
    Günther Buchta Managing Director
  • Christian Egger
    Christian Egger Head of Consulting
  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner CEO
  • Florian Nitsche
    Florian Nitsche Supervisory board chairman
  • Christoph Heißenberger
    Christoph Heißenberger Supervisory board
  • Gerald Scheweder
    Gerald Scheweder Supervisory board
  • Christian Egger
    Christian Egger Head of Branch Office Innsbruck
  • Jürgen Lumplecker
    Jürgen Lumplecker Head of Branch Office Linz
  • Michael Seebacher
    Michael Seebacher Managing Director
  • Maria Truong
    Maria Truong Site Manager
  • Kurt Huysmans
    Kurt Huysmans Managing Director
  • Michael Tschernko
    Michael Tschernko Managing Director
  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner Board of Directors Chairman
  • Wilhelm Heckmann
    Wilhelm Heckmann Board of Directors | Managing Director
  • Hans Haiden
    Hans Haiden Board of Directors
  • Kurt Huysmans
    Kurt Huysmans Board of Directors
  • Patrick Sommer
    Patrick Sommer Head of Consulting
  • Barbara Schöll
    Barbara Schöll Board of Directors
  • Michael Seebacher
    Michael Seebacher Board of Directors Chairman
  • Alexander Paulus
    Alexander Paulus Managing Director
  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner Board of Director
  • Günter Buchta
    Günter Buchta Board of Director

Corporate Information

Process and SAP Consultants at 10 Offices
Million Euros of revenues in 2022
Years of history and innovation
Clients in Europe, South America, USA, Africa, Asia and Australia
productive SAP S/4HANA installations in more than 40 countries
successfully implemented projects with SAP Cloud Software

What makes us strong

Consulting services worldwide

We are looking for a close partnership with our customers regardless of distance. Trusting cooperation, our knowledge and commitment as well as the will to achieve our goals are vital factors.

What we are particularly proud of

Mutual respect and appreciation of different points of view and ideas characterize the work at CNT. We are a good mix of experienced senior partners, consultants, and young professionals who combine their skills and share their ideas. Good teamwork, dedication, and passion for SAP solutions have helped to win several awards.


Our team convinces with excellent performance
With the help of our employees, we are not only one of Austria’s leading SAP service providers, but have also been named a Great Place To Work several times. With over 300 consultants at 10 locations in Europe and the USA, we support companies in all areas of digitization and SAP integration.

You are setting new benchmarks.
Our measurement unit is “Future”.



CNT Management Consulting AG wins the SAP Quality Award

We are pleased to announce that CNT has won two Grand Winner prizes: With our client Pfeifer Group in the category Business Transformation. With Rosenbauer Group in the category Rapid Time to Value.


Quantum leap with SAP-Cloud

CNT Management Consulting CEO Andreas Dörner on the strengths of local technology consulting, the difficult labor market situation and the future model of cloud in the November issue of it & t business.


ASUG Chapter Meeting Philadelphia 2022

CNT Management Consulting USA joined the SAP community for an insightful ASUG Chapter meeting at SAP headquarters in Newtown Square. Alexander Paulus from CNT’s U.S. Team…


SAP Sapphire EMEA Word Tour Zurich 2022

We had the pleasure to be part of this years SAP Sapphire 2022 EMEA world tour in Zürich. It was nice to see so many colleagues, clients, partners and SAP experts in real life again, we hope it stays that way!


Ariba Partner Award 2022

SAP Ariba Partner Award

We have been awarded in the category SAP Partner Award of Midmarket & IS&BN (Intelligent Spend Management) in the MEE region.

Congratulations to our ARIBA Team!


CNT AT awarded as Great Place to Work 2022!

CNT Management Consulting among the best employers in Austria 2022 ?

Out of a total of over 100 participating companies, we were awarded 8th place in the M category at the Great Place to Work Gala


All day ASUG S/4HANA Best Practices Event

CNT USA was in Chicago for an all-day ASUG Best Practices SAP S/4HANA event. It was great to meet with the SAP community in person!

Video S/4HANA Cloud

With the S/4HANA Cloud, SAP provides a future-proof platform based on standard integration flows that focuses on the business challenges you face across the entire intelligent enterprise.


We have never been the techies. Report Interview

CNT Management Consulting was able to increase sales from 69 to 80 million € last year, and in the fourth quarter there were already more new projects with cloud applications than >>on-premises<<. CNT CEO Andreas Dörner and Partner Michael Tschernko talk to Report Plus about the change in the consulting business.


Bronze at SAP Quality Award Switzerland 2021 for CNT with Bachem

We can proudly announce that CNT and Bachem won the Bronze SAP Quality Award in the Rapid Time to Value category. Out of a total of 58 applications for this award, 18 projects were selected for the shortlist. Since competition was fierce, we can really be proud to have convinced in our manner. We want to thank the SAP Quality Award Jury for nominating us!
Special congratulations go to Patrick Sommer, Richard Wagner, Dragana Kaleap and Gurbir Padda for this success and top rating!


SAP Quality Award Germany 2021 Finals

With the outstanding S/4 conversion project CNT Management Consulting supported and guided our long-time customer Boehringer Ingelheim throughout its digital transformation journey. Therefore, we competed round about 100 award nominees and reached this year’s SAP Quality Award finals in Germany together with BI in the category „Business Transformation SAP S/4HANA“.


CNT again SAP Partner of the Year!

CNT CEO Andreas Dörner was invited to the digital stage by SAP Channel Head Raimund Höfinger during the SAP Partner Kick Off 2021 to receive the award for SAP Partner of the Year in the area of SAP LoB Cloud. We are very pleased to win this award for the most SAP Cloud sales in the entire partner community in 2020. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their trust and look forward to accompany them on their journey ahead.

Jerusalema Dance Challenge | High above the rooftops of Vienna

Isn’t it fascinating, how a single song goes viral and connects people from all over the world? The Jerusalema Dance Challenge connects everyone at the same time, no matter where you are right now, the whole world dances.


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You can now find CNT on another social media channel – on INSTAGRAM!
Just search for: cntmanagementconsulting
We are happy about every new subscription, like and comment!

? Behind The Scenes | CNT Jerusalema Dance Challenge

The time has come – our Behind The Scenes Video is ready and guarantees exciting insights./span>

From sweaty rehearsals to the shooting everything is there ➤ for all who want to know what happened behind the scenes!/span>


Certificate for SAP Recognized Expertise

Due to the professional expertise and the successful fulfilment of all requirements of SAP Recognized Expertise we are certified SAP REX partner in the categories Human Capital Management and SAP® S/4HANA.


Global S/4 template at fire equipment manufacturer Rosenbauer Group

At this year’s SAP Partner Kick-off, Rosenbauer Project Manager Gregor Graf and CNT Project Manager Reinhard Paizoni reported on the largest transformation project in Rosenbauer’s corporate history. The project includes the digitalization of all departments with a focus on logistics processes. It was started at one site and the final expansion will be carried out in waves at all sites worldwide.


S/4HANA roll-out KIEFEL GmbH

Together with CNT Management Consulting, the S/4HANA template was successfully implemented at the headquarters of KIEFEL group. In addition, SAP HCM, SAP Concur and around 13 third-party systems were connected and put into operation at the same time.

SAP and CNT pro Solution - we design digital supply chains for you.

You want to #digitize your supply chain step by step and #simplify processes like #procurement of materials? CNT Management Consulting Partner Gerald Rossmann and his team make it possible.


Manage your projects efficiently and effectively with the new SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management solution package. Be up-to-date, be aware of any project killers, achieve transparency and keep your budgets and resources under control.


Boehringer Ingelheim goes live with SAP S/4HANA simultaneously in 41 countries

This SAP – conversion is the largest such project in the German-speaking region and a lighthouse project in the life sciences industry.

Great thanks for this achievement goes to Mike Seebacher and his team of more than 130 project members from CNT and partner companies who contributed to this great success.


Strategic Digitalization in Manufacturing.

April 23 USA: Many companies need help adapting their processes to the digital world. But while transforming into a fully digital enterprise can be quite a challenge, it also comes with tremendous benefits – especially for manufacturing companies, who often remain resistant to change.

The Silent Revolution in Enterprise Supply Chain Collaboration.

Jan 23 USA: Supply chains have been in the spotlight since COVID, providing an opportunity to shine a light on how many small changes and developments over time have silently and fundamentally changed the way supply chain systems are operated.

Celanese switches to SAP

July 22 Italy: Celanese, a globally active U.S. chemical concern, has converted its entire production and warehouse logistics at its Forli, Italy facility to SAP. This included all production and warehouse processes, some of which had previously still been handled manually using paper.

Scale and flexibility - Why companies opt for cloud solutions

01.06.2022 Atlanta: Cloud solutions are nothing new – after all, SAP already has been offering them for many years. Not only do cloud solutions provide “anytime, anywhere” access for employees, partners and service providers, but the easy scalability and maximum cost transparency of cloud services offer decisive advantages. 

Signpost for digitalization: CNT implements Signavio at Knapp AG

15.10.2021 Hart near Graz: Making complex things simple: Warehouse logistics specialist Knapp AG in Hart bei Graz will be using the new SAP business process management suite Signavio.

German SMEs rely on digitalization for their expansion

23.09.2021 Mainz: A steadily growing market and hardly any companies that are not already operating internationally – this is a rough description of the current economic situation. But constant expansion often means unforeseeable hurdles for small and medium-sized businesses.

We offer SMEs a package for process optimization!

31.08.2021 Mainz: “proSolution is a CNT Best Practice package that enables more efficient processes in the company on the basis of the SAP standard and SAP Best Practice,” says CNT Managing Director Mike Seebacher.

If you digitize, you have to work differently!

30.08.2021 Zurich: The digitalization of companies and value chains is the business model of the future. For those who digitize properly, lengthy, time-consuming and costly procurement processes are a thing of the past. But which specific measures are appropriate and to what extent they should be implemented is a difficult cost-benefit calculation for every company.

Digitalization in the construction industry

12.08.2021 Zurich: Interview with CNT Switzerland Managing Director Wilhelm Heckmann in bauRUNDSCHAU.

Digitalization processes in the pharmaceutical industry

09.08.2021 Zurich: “Swiss pharmaceutical companies should not ignore this wake-up call either,” says Mike Seebacher; Partner and Managing Director of CNT.

CNT: Andreas Maier becomes Management Consultant

21.06.2021 Vienna: The SAP consultant CNT Management Consulting AG is expanding its location in Vienna with additional competence teams. Andreas Maier (39) is taking over one of them – in the consulting field “Intelligent Spend Management” (procurement) – in addition to the “Source-to-Pay” area.

S/4HANA - why companies should not wait with the changeover

05.03.2021 Vienna: The main aim is to keep risk and price low for companies, CNT makes this possible.

CNT: Digitization at Koch Media

03.03.2021 Höfen, Tyrol: Future-proof IT infrastructure: The SAP consultant CNT supports the Tyrolean media company Koch Media in the conversion to S/4HANA. When it comes to the efficient production and global marketing of digital media products, the Tyrolean entertainment company Koch Media plays in the top league.

CNT with 22 percent sales growth

16.02.2021 Vienna: Vienna-based SAP consultancy CNT Management Consulting AG closed the 2020 fiscal year with a jump in revenue to €67 million (+22.9%). This was accompanied by an increase in both the number of employees and company locations in 2020. Responsible for this success is the increasing demand for cloud solutions, reports CNT CEO Andreas Dörner.

CNT pushes digitalization at Koch Media

17.12.2020 Innsbruck: When it comes to the efficient production and global marketing of digital media products, the Tyrolean entertainment company Koch Media plays in the top league. To ensure that this remains the case, the company has now trimmed its ERP software to the new SAP level S/4HANA. The conversion is the basis for planned expansions of the system and at the same time a boost for digitization.

Give me the bacon: Handl Tyrol becomes a showcase factory

24.11.2020 Innsbruck/Haiming: In September, the well-known bacon manufacturer Handl Tyrol won the Fraunhofer competition for the coveted title of “Factory of the Year 2020” and also the category prize “Smart Factory” for its successful digitization. Behind this award are professional preparation, excellent know-how and a team that fully concentrated on the task and vision of a fully automated production chain – also thanks to the SAP consulting of CNT Management Consulting Innsbruck.

What are the biggest challenges of Digitization?

16.10.2020 Vienna: “What it takes for a successful implementation is not only the software. For example, internal IT skills and business know-how are at least as important for a successful cost-benefit calculation. The courage to change is an equally important driver”, says CNT partner and managing director Mike Seebacher.

CNT makes S/4HANA run

06.10.2020 Vienna: SAP has officially certified the “run2S4” conversion package from the Viennese SAP consulting firm CNT Management Consulting. The CNT package solution is intended to make future S/4HANA conversions significantly more cost-effective and efficient.

Intelligent fleet management with SAP TM

08.09.2020 Vienna: When it comes to planning and controlling entire truck fleets, you need clever ERP solutions and intelligent freight cost management. The SAP module Transportation Management (TM) is a comprehensively integrated logistics tool that maps all necessary steps in just one information system – from order entry to freight cost processing. A comment from Sebastian Sav, CNT Management Consulting AG.

CNT Management Consulting has a new sales record of 54.5 million Euro

10.08.2020 Vienna: The SAP consulting company CNT Management Consulting AG, headquartered in Vienna and with additional locations in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Brazil, grew again in fiscal year 2019 and set a new sales record of EUR 54.5 million (+4.88%).

SAP modul PP/DS: capacity planning for cool calculators

06.08.2020 Vienna: One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies is to use materials, production and personnel resources so intelligently that customer orders are always processed in a timely manner and there are no standstill times. With the SAP PP/DS module, capacity planning can be upgraded to a whole new level of optimization. A comment by Reinhard Paizoni, CNT Management Consulting.

More than just accounting: This is how you get a crossroads into SAP consulting. . .

28.07.2020 Vienna: Technically skilled people are also wanted in Corona times if you believe in various job advertisements. The decisive factor is how we deal with change, the transformation, the change. But how do you become the SAP advisor and how would a cross entry not only be conceivable but also “passable”?

Test of Fire at Rosenbauer: Digitization in Lockdown

30.06.2020 Vienna: At the beginning of March, the Rosenbauer fire brigade manufacturer launched a major digitization project. Then Corona came. What if a virus throws it all over the place? No problem if you rely on a virtual platform right from the start, as Rosenbauer project manager Gregor Graf and CNT project manager Reinhard Paizoni describe.

How SAP Consulter CNT experiences the Corona Crisis

19.06.2020 Vienna: The lock-down in Germany and many other countries around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has also influenced or – not always to the positive – changed the project work of IT service companies. Michael Seebacher, Managing Director of CNT Management Consulting GmbH in Germany, describes in an interview with CloudComputing insiders how the topic of corporate digitization has taken on a new significance due to the current situation and the associated challenges for the economy.

The end of working on site? Management consultancy after Corona

19.06.2020 Vienna: Wilhelm Heckmann, Managing Director at CNT Management Consulting AG in Switzerland, explains how his company has met the challenge and which trends will remain after Corona. Work on site will decrease in the consultation.

CNT starts multi-vision trainee program

19.06.2020 Vienna: The Vienna-based SAP consultancy CNT Management Consulting AG has started another trainee program to train new SAP consultants during corona lockdown.

Important facts about good SAP consultants

18.06.2020 Vienna: Michael Seebacher from CNT Management Consulting AG explains why personality is often more important than IT knowledge and a high academic degree.

Project management in virtual space

15.05.2020 Vienna: When a virus upsets supply chains and business processes and exiles entire staff to the home office, even experienced project managers face a challenge. This requires a good knack for the management of employees and even more sense for their needs.

Award: Viennese companies shine as SAP "Partner of the Year"

05.05.2020 Vienna: On the 30 of June, SAP Austria invited all SAP partners to the annual Partner Kick-off in the festive ambience of the Vienna design hotel “Le Meridien” and more than 160 guests accepted the invitation.

CNT Partner of Fresh Faces Academy - Over 260 candidates from the DACH region in the first round of applications

04.05.2020 Vienna: The SAP consultancy CNT Management Consulting AG is participating in the Fresh Faces Careers Academy of SAP. The new career platform for future SAP consultants was able to attract over 260 candidates for an IT job in the first round of recruiting, 60 of whom were shortlisted and had the opportunity to convince themselves in workshops and personal interviews.

“The next round of applications is planned for autumn 2020,” says Maria Truong, head of the Mainz-based consulting team of CNT.

Top-Reseller for SAP-Cloud-Software

26.03.2020 Germany: CNT Management Consulting rises into the top 10 of German SAP cloud resellers.

CNT twice "SAP Partner of the Year"

10.03.2020 Vienna: CNT Management Consulting AG has been named „SAP Partner of the Year” in two categories again this year – “SAP S/4HANA Move” and “SAP Quality”.

Mobile Plant Maintenance with SAP Fiori

22.01.2020 Vienna: For many years SAP had to be criticized for its confusing and overloaded software interfaces. With the new SAP Fiori design, this will now be different.

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