S/4HANA – the digital core of your company

  • Financial: You consolidate financial, administration and business data from a single data source and improve business performance with real-time processes and analytics.
  • Procuration: With innovative procurement processes, you reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency. With forward-looking analyses, you strengthen your negotiating position and optimize your compliance processes.
  • personnel matters: you gain a uniform view of your workforce and use a joint complete solution for the personnel management of your internal and external employees.
  • Distribution: Your marketing and sales team gain performance- and productivity enhancing insights and address customers at any time with goal-oriented dialogues and interaction.
  • Services: You increase your company’s performance in real time and gain transparency and efficiency thanks to comprehensive and worldwide project management.
  • Fabrication: You direct your production to the requirements of your customers, optimize production processes and control your logistics based on the real-time data of customer demand.

S/4HANA – switching to the 4th generation

When it comes to your digital transformation, your future starts now. Improve your productivity, speed and flexibility by switching to S/4HANA.


More than a release-upgrade…

  • The implementation of SAP S/4HANA is more than a release upgrade or a database migration.
  • In-memory technology simplifies the data model and improves the user interface, enabling new business potential and increased productivity.

Your benefits:

  • Business processes and simulations are available in real time
  • High processing and reaction speed increase your quality
  • Attractive and intuitive design through Fiori user interface on all you devices
  • Forecasts for your business decisions

From the past into the present

With the Fiori interface you navigate intuitively through your SAP application on all your devices and branch effortlessly to further detailed information.





Develop your greenfield roadmap with us

You want to benefit from the innovations, harmonize your business processes and provide a clean landscape in which you grow.


More than a release-upgrade…

  • Use the SAP Activate method to implement your project efficiently
  • Use SAP and CNT best practices to ensure your solution stays close to the SAP standard
  • Migrate all relevant data and successful process solutions

This option is suitable for all those who have a heterogenous process landscape and want to take full advantage of S/4HANA

Develop Your brownfield roadmap with us

Who wants SAP as an ERP-system of future, has to face S/4HANA.
Modern and innovative solutions are getting more important – be prepared.

Switch in 6 steps

  • Unicode conversion
  • Cleaning of customed code and data management recommended
  • Data base migration
  • Data conversion
  • New customizing, migration of documents
  • Upload SAP S/4HANA innovations and best practices

„Fit for S/4HANA“ – Your SAP S/4 Pre-Check

What will you and your company be confronted with in regards to Migration to S/4HANA? We recommend our Workshop, to you where the following questions will be worked on:
  • Is your system landscape ready for S/4HANA?
  • Are the existing applications and add-ons portable to S/4HANA?
  • How your current business processes and individual software adaptions are representable in S/4HANA?
  • Which SAP Fiori functions are relevant?
  • What are the possible risks of an exchange?

Our customers say

Customers of our who successfully operate their ERP suite with S/4HANA have switched for the following reasons:

Austrian SME in the industrial sector

Financial and logistics changeover to S/4HANA
  • Industry 4.0, digitization and automation made a change necessary
  • Need to increase productivity and reduce complexity in processes
  • Easy to use SAP Fiori interface
  • Faster time-to-market model
  • Simplification of the IT landscape

Austrian SME in the industrial sector

Financial and logistics changeover to S/4HANA
  • Management and reporting requirements need a powerful database model
  • The new logistics functions include significant improvements
  • SAP Fiori processes necessary for efficient and effective day-to-day-work
  • Flexible interface technology and the ability for Big Data
  • Simple user interfaces


New Implementation Green-Field

New Implementation Green-Field


*Running Project

Migration System Conversion

Migration System Conversion

  • CNT


  • DOKA
  • CNT
  • ÖAMTC*
  • MIBA*
  • FIXIT*