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The Digital Enterprise LIVE

Experience the integrated end-to-end processes of the future with us in five interactive webinars.

Session 1: Quote-2-Plan

The webinar series starts with an insight into the Quote-2-Plan process. You will be guided through the entire process: from the initial contact with the customer via email to the finished quote, from the sales order to production planning. This includes a detailed look at how Outlook, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP CPQ, and SAP S/4HANA are integrated with each other.

Session 2: Source-2-Order

In the second episode, you will be guided through the Source-2-Order process. The materials needed for production are tendered and then ordered from the supplier. You will have the opportunity to get to know the applications of SAP ARIBA, SAP Business Network, and SAP S/4HANA.

Session 3: Plan-2-Manufacture

In episode 3, you will take a look at the Plan-2-Manufacture process and discover how digitization can take your production to the next level. In addition to material requirements planning and capacity planning, you will also experience the new Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

Session 4: Incident-2-Service

The process does not end with sales & delivery: In the fourth session, we will show you not only the operation & monitoring of the warehouse robot, but also what happens if there is a problem or even a failure of the robot. Experience the end-to-end process from automated problem reporting in SAP Service Cloud to the planning and dispatching of a service call in SAP Field Service Management.

Session 5: Analytics

The final webinar episode summarizes the entire process and highlights it from an analytical point of view. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can experience different reporting scenarios and gain first-hand insight into how SAP Planning in the cloud can support controlling.



Patrick Schilling

Yannick Casteels

Susanne Wagner

Anthony Van Peteghem

Vincent Vanmeensel

Richard Kremsbrugger

Manuel Eller

Manuel Djalili

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