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What does SAP S/4HANA stand for - SAPs 4th generation of ERP software

  • Real-time annlaysis through memory-computing (HANA database)
  • Intuitive user interface with SAP Fiori
  • Simple and automated simulation, forecasting and anticipation
  • Native integration with SAP-cloud solutions: Hybris, ARIBA, Concur, Fieldglass, IBP and SucessFactors
  • Expansion of the digital core through networking of people, processes and devices – the Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • S/4HANA is the basis for digitization of your company

image source: SAP SE

You change the life of your customers.
We support your digital transformation.

  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner CEO
  • Michael Seebacher
    Michael Seebacher Partner
  • Günter Buchta
    Günter Buchta Partner
  • Hans Haiden
    Hans Haiden Partner
  • Andreas Lechner
    Andreas Lechner Partner
  • Gerald Rossmann
    Gerald Rossmann Partner
  • Michael Tschernko
    Michael Tschernko Partner
  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner Partner
  • Kurt Huysmans
    Kurt Huysmans Partner
  • Christian Egger
    Christian Egger Associate Partner
  • Wolfgang Tichy
    Wolfgang Tichy Associate Partner
  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner CEO
  • Florian Nitsche
    Florian Nitsche Supervisory board chairman
  • Christoph Heißenberger
    Christoph Heißenberger Supervisory board
  • Gerald Scheweder
    Gerald Scheweder Supervisory board
  • Christian Egger
    Christian Egger Head of Branch Office Innsbruck
  • Wilhelm Heckmann
    Wilhelm Heckmann Head of Branch Office Linz
  • Michael Seebacher
    Michael Seebacher Managing Director
  • Maria Truong
    Maria Truong Head of Consulting
  • Günther Buchta
    Günther Buchta Managing Director
  • Blidmund Kristler
    Blidmund Kristler Head of Consulting
  • Kurt Huysmans
    Kurt Huysmans Managing Director
  • Michael Tschernko
    Michael Tschernko Managing Director
  • Andreas Dörner
    Andreas Dörner Board of Directors Chairman
  • Wilhelm Heckmann
    Wilhelm Heckmann Board of Directors | Managing Director
  • Hans Haiden
    Hans Haiden Board of Directors
  • Kurt Huysmans
    Kurt Huysmans Board of Directors
  • Patrick Sommer
    Patrick Sommer Head of Consulting
  • Barbara Schöll
    Barbara Schöll Board of Directors
  • Michael Seebacher
      Michael Seebacher Board of Directors Chairman
    • Alexander Paulus
      Alexander Paulus Managing Director
    • Andreas Dörner
        Andreas Dörner Board of Director
      • Günter Buchta
          Günter Buchta Board of Director

        Corporate Information

        Process- and SAP consultants at 10 locations
        Million euro revenues in 2020
        Years history and innovation
        Clients in Europe, South America, USA, Africa, Asia and Australia
        Productive SAP R/3 installations in more than 50 countries
        Productive SAP S/4HANA installations in more than 40 countries

        What makes us strong

        Our team convinces with excellent performance.
        We are looking for a close partnership with our customers regardless of the distance. A trustful cooperation, our knowledge and commitment as well as the will for achieving the goal are key factors for your successful SAP project.

        Industry Knowledge

        “Our teams have the knowledge to find the suitable SAP solution for your industry sector and therefore to reflect your individual needs and requirements.”


        “Various projects within small, medium or big companies on national and international environment are a wealth of experience our customer benefit from.”


        “Based on further education by external partners or also within our company we stay on the pulse of time and are experts in the matter of technology.”

        Social competence

        “Working together in a team, high motivation, willingness and adaptability are only some skills that distinguish us.”


        “Methods for project management, moderation, presentation or also training are part of our training schedule and perfect the profile of our team.”


        “Our employees have a business and/or technical education as well as the required SAP know-how.”


        “Flat hierarchies do not prevent our employees from making career at CNT. Whether team leader, manager or partner – CNT provides development opportunities and the possibility to take over responsibility; no matter in what area.”


        “CNT represents a high degree of in-house knowledge transfer, which not only provides an ideal entry into the SAP world, but also offers many opportunities for further development.”

        You are setting new benchmarks.
        Our measurement unit is “Future”.


        SAP Ariba for procurement successfully implemented at PORR Group

        Together with CNT Management Consulting and SAP, PORR Group took the step towards digitalization and successfully implemented SAP Ariba for procurement.

        SAP EPPM

        Manage your projects efficiently and effectively with the new SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management solution package. Be up-to-date, be aware of any project killers, achieve transparency and keep your budgets and resources under control.

        Boehringer Ingelheim goes live with SAP S/4HANA simultaneously in 41 countries

        This SAP – conversion is the largest such project in the German-speaking region and a lighthouse project in the life sciences industry.

        Great thanks for this achievement goes to Mike Seebacher and his team of more than 130 project members from CNT and partner companies who contributed to this great success.

        SAP and CNT pro Solution - we design digital supply chains for you.

        You want to #digitize your supply chain step by step and #simplify processes like #procurement of materials? CNT Management Consulting Partner Gerald Rossmann and his team make it possible.


        CPO Talk Switzerland with CNT Management Consulting and SAP

        Never before have Procurement and Supply Chain received more attention as key contributors to business continuity than in 2020. Never before has experience-sharing been more essential than now.
        Join us online to hear from CPOs from a variety of industries on how their companies are dealing with the pandemic.
        Discover the transformation journeys of SAP customers, the benefits derived and the lessons learned.

        Register today:


        As easy as driving a cab!

        Do you already know the CAB package?

        Do you want standardized and traceable purchasing processes?

        Then the CAB-Package is just the right thing for your company.

        If you would like to learn more, please contact Georg Wolf or Wilhelm Heckmann.

        Live event at SAP: PORR AG and CNT Management Consulting on the topic: #Digitization of procurement processes

        Learn from Michael Kern, MBA, Corporate Purchasing – Group Lead for Projects at PORR AG and Susanne Wagner, Senior Managing Consultant, CNT Management Consulting AG live from the SAP Studio, what concrete benefits you can draw from #SAP #Ariba.

        Sign up now under:

        Investment bonus

        You want to invest in #Digitization and simplify your business processes? Then take advantage of the AWS investment bonus now and secure up to 14 % funding for digitization projects!
        We will be happy to support you in the legal clarification and are available to answer any questions you may have.

        You can find further information here:

        CNT gets SAP Cloud Focus Partner Award Region CEE

        The “SAP Cloud Focus Partner Virtual Roadshow DACH” took place on September 8th, an exclusive experience for all SAP Cloud Focus Partners.
        It was an unpredictable year, especially with the COVID-19 situation. Therefore, we are even more pleased that despite the challenges, we were the only Austrian partner to be awarded and to shine in the category Business Plan Achievement.


        Grüezi Switzerland!

        The ink is dry, it is official: CNT Management Consulting AG was entered in the Swiss commercial register on April 15th, 2020. The management of CNT Switzerland will be held by Wilhelm Heckmann– Managing Director and Patrick Sommer – Consulting Manager.


        rheinmaintv - Interview with Maria Truong

        “What advantages does SAP offer and how is it actually implemented?” CNT Head of Consulting Maria Truong answers these and other questions in an interview with rheinmaintv.


        IT Career Podcast

        CNT manager Maria Truong talks about career and what skills an SAP consultant should have.


        10 steps to S/4HANA

        Our team has successfully participated in SAP’s 10steps2S4 program. The task was to convert a complete ERP 6. 0 system landscape provided by SAP to S/4HANA 1909. The team of CNT, consisting of system architects, basic consultants, FI/CO consultants, logistics consultants and ABAP programmers, was taught the theoretical knowledge in the daily rollout sessions, which they were then able to apply in the practical conversion. The SAP certificate for successful conversion certifies to the CNT team that they are well prepared for the upcoming projects at our customers.


        Certificate for SAP Recognized Expertise

        Due to the professional expertise and the successful fulfilment of all requirements of SAP Recognized Expertise we are certified SAP REX partner in the categories Human Capital Management and SAP® S/4HANA.



        CNT wins together with customers Porsche Holding and PORR regional SAP Quality Awards (EMEA) in gold and silver.

        Image source © SAP SE


        Here is our new video on capacity planning by our Competence Team Leader Reinhard Paizoni and his team.


        Project management in virtual space

        When a virus upsets supply chains and business processes and exiles entire workforces into the home office, even experienced project managers face a challenge. This requires a good knack for the management of employees and even more sense for their needs. CNT Manager Wilhelm Heckmann in conversation.


        CNT at freshfaces career academy

        The aim of the Fresh Faces program is to introduce new talents to the SAP Eco-System and train them to become our future consultants. In addition to their university degree, all “young talents” now go through a customized training path provided by SAP in the SAP Learning Hub, which they will complete with a cloud certification.


        Covid-19: Customer information

        The effects of COVID-19 face companies in Austria and around the world with completely new challenges. Because we have already taken a large number of measures, we are able to maintain our operating business activities despite the measures prescribed by the European federal governments. However, there will be some changes in the further cooperation:


        „Skills will replace profession!“

        CNT partner Andreas Lechner on the digital change in the education sector, the constant evolution of job profiles and willingness to learn as a killer feature on the job market.


        CNT among the best again

        We are delighted to be nominated again this year for the SAP Quality Awards for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) together with our customers Porsche Holding and Porr.


        "We prefer to work in projects where we get involved at a very early stage"

        Andreas Dörner, CEO of the SAP consulting company CNT Management Consulting AG.

        CNT supports companies in all areas of SAP integration and increasingly also in projects for the digitalization of purchasing. We spoke with Andreas Dörner about experiences and perspectives in this area and gained interesting insights into the work of CNT.

        The road to success

        CNT partner Gerald Rossmann was invited to the TREND round table discussion. The discussion was about digital business models. Gerald is convinced that “huge potential in digitalization, especially at KMUs, because they are able to act much more flexibly than large enterprises. The challenge is to rethink and reinvent yourself as a company.”


        „Retail – the beginning of the end of branches?“

        CNT CEO Andreas Dörner speaks about the retail apocalypse even in retail food trade.

        Ready for big Moments?

        CNT MOMENTUM – Inside CNT

        What’s going on behind the scenes? What does the life of a consultant look like?

        Find out more in our specel new video!


        Customer Litostroj Power jointly awarded with CNT

        CNT Management Consulting AG, together with Litostroj Power, has won bronze at the SAP Quality Award CEE in the category Innovation.
        The project was implemented in nine months on the basis of S/4HANA proSolution. The proSolution add-ons used in combination with the proSolution Capital Process and complementary S/4 Best Practice processes convinced the expert jury.

        More information under the following link:


        CNT is a ”Great-Place-To-Work”

        On March 14th, 2019 CNT was awarded as one of the best employers in Austria. In total 40 companies were awarded. CNT achieved an outstanding fifth position in the category medium (100-249 employees). Compared to our last participation two years ago, we were able to improve in all categories.

        Congratulations to all of us!


        DIGITIZATION - The closer to the end customer the better

        Our CEO Andreas Dörner at the TREND – Roundtable discussion.


        Digital solution for the middle class.
        Here is the link to the interview with our CEO and founder Andreas Dörner:


        Give me the bacon: Handl Tyrol becomes a showcase factory

        24.11.2020 Innsbruck/Haiming: In September, the well-known bacon manufacturer Handl Tyrol won the Fraunhofer competition for the coveted title of “Factory of the Year 2020” and also the category prize “Smart Factory” for its successful digitization. Behind this award are professional preparation, excellent know-how and a team that fully concentrated on the task and vision of a fully automated production chain – also thanks to the SAP consulting of CNT Management Consulting Innsbruck.

        What are the biggest challenges of Digitization?

        16.10.2020 Vienna: “What it takes for a successful implementation is not only the software. For example, internal IT skills and business know-how are at least as important for a successful cost-benefit calculation. The courage to change is an equally important driver”, says CNT partner and managing director Mike Seebacher.

        CNT makes S/4HANA run

        06.10.2020 Vienna: SAP has officially certified the “run2S4” conversion package from the Viennese SAP consulting firm CNT Management Consulting. The CNT package solution is intended to make future S/4HANA conversions significantly more cost-effective and efficient.

        Intelligent fleet management with SAP TM

        08.09.2020 Vienna: When it comes to planning and controlling entire truck fleets, you need clever ERP solutions and intelligent freight cost management. The SAP module Transportation Management (TM) is a comprehensively integrated logistics tool that maps all necessary steps in just one information system – from order entry to freight cost processing. A comment from Sebastian Sav, CNT Management Consulting AG.

        CNT Management Consulting has a new sales record of 54.5 million Euro

        10.08.2020 Vienna: The SAP consulting company CNT Management Consulting AG, headquartered in Vienna and with additional locations in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Brazil, grew again in fiscal year 2019 and set a new sales record of EUR 54.5 million (+4.88%).

        SAP modul PP/DS: capacity planning for cool calculators

        06.08.2020 Vienna: One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies is to use materials, production and personnel resources so intelligently that customer orders are always processed in a timely manner and there are no standstill times. With the SAP PP/DS modul, capacity planning can be upgraded to a whole new level of optimization. A comment by Reinhard Paizoni, CNT Management Consulting.

        More than just accounting: This is how you get a crossroads into SAP consulting. . .

        28.07.2020 Vienna: Technically skilled people are also wanted in Corona times, if you believe various job advertisements. The decisive factor is how we deal with change, the transformation, the change. But how do you become the SAP advisor and how would a cross entry not only be conceivable but also “passable”?

        Test of Fire at Rosenbauer: Digitization in Lockdown

        30.06.2020 Vienna: At the beginning of March, the Rosenbauer fire brigade manufacturer launched a major digitisation project. Then Corona came. What if a virus throws it all over the place? No problem if you rely on a virtual platform right from the start, as Rosenbauer project manager Gregor Graf and CNT project manager Reinhard Paizoni describe.

        How SAP Consulter CNT experiences the Corona Crisis

        19.06.2020 Vienna: The lock-down in Germany and many other countries around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has also influenced or – not always to the positive – changed the project work of IT service companies. Michael Seebacher, Managing Director of CNT Management Consulting GmbH in Germany, describes in an interview with CloudComputing insiders how the topic of corporate digitization has taken on a new significance due to the current situation and the associated challenges for the economy.

        The end of working on site? Management consultancy after Corona

        19.06.2020 Vienna: Wilhelm Heckmann, Managing Director at CNT Management Consulting AG in Switzerland, explains how his company has met the challenge and which trends will remain after Corona. Work on site will decrease in the consultation.

        CNT starts multivision trainee program

        19.06.2020 Vienna: The Vienna-based SAP consultancy CNT Management Consulting AG has started another trainee program to train new SAP consultants during corona lockdown.

        Important facts about good SAP consultants

        18.06.2020 Vienna: Michael Seebacher from CNT Management Consulting AG explains why personality is often more important than IT knowledge and a high academic degree.

        Project management in virtual space

        15.05.2020 Vienna: When a virus upsets supply chains and business processes and exiles entire staff to the home office, even experienced project managers face a challenge. This requires a good knack for the management of employees and even more sense for their needs.

        Award: Viennese companies shine as SAP "Partner of the Year"

        05.05.2020 Vienna: On the 30 of June, SAP Austria invited all SAP partners to the annual Partner Kick-off in the festive ambience of the Vienna design hotel “Le Meridien” and more than 160 guests accepted the invitation.

        CNT Partner of Fresh Faces Academy - Over 260 candidates from the DACH region in the first round of applications

        04.05.2020 Vienna: The SAP consultancy CNT Management Consulting AG is participating in the Fresh Faces Careers Academy of SAP. The new career platform for future SAP consultants was able to attract over 260 candidates for an IT job in the first round of recruiting, 60 of whom were shortlisted and had the opportunity to convince themselves in workshops and personal interviews.

        “The next round of applications is planned for autumn 2020,” says Maria Truong, head of the Mainz-based consulting team of CNT.

        Top-Reseller for SAP-Cloud-Software

        26.03.2020 Germany: CNT Management Consulting rises into the top 10 of German SAP cloud resellers.

        CNT twice "SAP Partner of the Year"

        10.03.2020 Vienna: CNT Management Consulting AG has been named „SAP Partner of the Year” in two categories again this year – “SAP S/4HANA Move” and “SAP Quality”.

        Mobile Plant Maintenance with SAP Fiori

        22.01.2020 Vienna: For many years SAP had to be criticized for its confusing and overloaded software interfaces. With the new SAP Fiori design, this will now be different.

        "We prefer to work in projects where we get involved at a very early stage"

        13.01.2020 Vienna: Andreas Dörner in an interview about projects for digitalization in purchasing, as well as experiences and perspectives in this area.

        CNT entices with video into SAP consulting

        19.12.2019 Vienna: With an original recruitment video, the currently fastest growing SAP consulting company in Austria and Southern Germany is recruiting new employees.

        New SAP module CCS in practical test

        19.12.2019 Vienna: Whether turnover bonus, commission, discount or kickback payment – these and similar forms of subsequent turnover remuneration are familiar from daily procurement practice. SAP has developed a module for this purpose that proves to be suitable for productive use.


        25.06.2019 Vienna/Hasselt CNT expands into the Benelux region

        CNT among the "Best of the Best"

        13.05.2019 Hamburg/Wien CNT wins two SAP EMEA Bronze Quality Awards with Hoerbiger and Tannpapier

        20 years of SAP know-how lead to record revenue

        08.05.2019 CNT with new record turnover

        Ariba: A little giant makes a furore

        10.04.2019 Ariba: A small giant makes a furore

        Disruption drives forward

        Interview with Andreas Dörner

        CNT opens subsidiary in Bolzano

        18.12.2018 Bolzano: CNT Management Consulting SRL will move into its offices in the founding quarter “Enzian Office” and will be managed by Blidmund Kristler, who has been responsible for IT and controlling of an international group of companies for many years.

        Digitization - The toolbox is well filled

        12.2018: CNT CEO Andreas Dörner talks about the opportunities for companies with the new toolbox at SAP and presents examples of successful digitized business processes.

        6 Tips about DIGITALIZATION

        07.11.2018 Vienna, Austria: Digitisation and 6 tips on how to use the megatrend, CEO Andreas Dörner reports.

        CNT with new digital solutions for medium-sized businesses.

        24.09.2018 London/Vienna: Correspondent Ralph Szepanski in conversation with CNT CEO Andreas Dörner.

        CNT becomes a stock corporation

        20.09.2018 Vienna: On 17.09.2018 the conversion of CNT Management Consulting GmbH into a stock corporation was entered in the commercial register. Thus we have set the course for a future-oriented partner model and our further growth.

        CNT realizes Austria’s first Ariba connection

        13.07.2018 Vienna: Cloudbased procurement platform from SAP continues to grow.


        On April 24, 2018, SAP awarded the SAP Quality Awards at the Design Center in Linz. CNT made the race in 2 categories:
        -Fast Delivery (Customer: Tannpapier)
        -Business Transformation (Customer: Hoerbiger)

        CNT increases turnover to over 40 million euros

        15.01.2018 Vienna: This means 40 percent sales growth and 34 new jobs.

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