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SAP Application Services

Accelerate your digital transformation with CNT Application Services. Lower your ERP cost and get more value out of the maintenance dollars spent.

Our Application Services helps our customers to reduce IT complexity and costs. We have adapted our services for the “digital SAP age”.

We offer compliant and  proactive SAP application services as well as managed testing at affordable support prices.

  • Operate your solutions cost-effectively with us, from R/3 to S/4
  • Drive continuous solution and process improvements
  • Test and deploy the latest innovations
  • Integrate and optimize your data environment
  • Improve application compliance and minimize risk

Continuous improvement

We support you in the support cycle to maintain the desired maintenance standard and
to implement continuous improvement measures.


Application Services:

  • benefits and advantages:
  • As part of an application service, our highly qualified and certified consultants contribute their specific SAP know-how and SAP process knowledge. The goal: Maximum benefit for your company with the opportunity for your organisation to work more strategically in the SAP context.
  • By the way, Gartner says:“With digital business driving the need for more effective sourcing, using an external service provider for application services is more important than ever to achieve higher quality, timeliness and lower costs across the selected scopes of work.source: Ensure Application Service Contracts (Published: 29 March 2016)

We will be happy to support you along your application and system maintenance cycles

Reasons for CNT Application Services

  • More time for major strategic projects (focusing)
  • Acceleration of maintenance and change cycles
  • Increase service levels
  • Positive impact on ROI

Use your time to digitize your company, innovate and optimize your business processes.
Reduce your time spent managing your applications and speed up your maintenance cycles:”Focus on speed on small Business Enhancements.”

We offer the following support services:


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