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SAP Application Management Services

Nowadays, IT and management departments face a wide range of challenges. They are confronted with having to continuously increase service quality while at the same time reduce costs.

Keeping the system landscape up to date and reacting quickly to any sudden problems entails great administrative effort and places a burden on employees.

Optimize and accelerate your digital transformation with SAP Application Management Services by CNT. Reduce your ERP costs and derive greater value from your maintenance expenses.

More security and innovation with CNT SAP Application Management Services.

Our Application Management Services help our clients reduce IT complexity and costs. We have adapted our application portfolio to the “digital SAP age”.

What are SAP Application Management Services?

SAP Application Management Services, also known as SAP Application Services or SAP AMS, are a solution designed to help IT in your company with the management of an ERP system.

What support services are included?

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management

What are the benefits of SAP Application Services?

  • more time for strategic project work
  • resource optimization through consulting pools
  • bottleneck support
  • scalability – access to a large team of consultants
  • “state of the art” team and competence development
  • use of industry know-how, best practices and benchmarks
  • guaranteed service along the service level agreement (SLA)
  • use of global AS standards and many years of experience
  • availability and up-to-dateness of documentation
  • new distribution of IT task packages
  • close support
  • strict change management process
  • confidentiality & data protection
  • increase in service level
  • AS has a positive impact on ROI:
    • Expert team
    • Consulting per ticket
    • Low travel costs

As part of SAP Application Services, our highly qualified and certified consultants apply their specific SAP expertise and SAP process know-how.

The goal: maximum benefit for your company – with an opportunity for your organization to work more strategically in the SAP context.

Our Application Services helps our customers to reduce IT complexity and costs. We have adapted our services for the “digital SAP age”.

We offer compliant and  proactive SAP application services as well as managed testing at affordable support prices.

  • Operate your solutions cost-effectively with us, from R/3 to S/4
  • Drive continuous solution and process improvements
  • Test and deploy the latest innovations
  • Integrate and optimize your data environment
  • Improve application compliance and minimize risk

Continuous improvements through the SAP Application Support Cycle

Using the support cycle, we help you maintain the desired maintenance standard and implement continuous improvement measures.


Application Services:

  • benefits and advantages:
  • As part of an application service, our highly qualified and certified consultants contribute their specific SAP know-how and SAP process knowledge. The goal: Maximum benefit for your company with the opportunity for your organisation to work more strategically in the SAP context.
  • By the way, Gartner says:“With digital business driving the need for more effective sourcing, using an external service provider for application services is more important than ever to achieve higher quality, timeliness and lower costs across the selected scopes of work.source: Ensure Application Service Contracts (Published: 29 March 2016)

Continuous improvements through highly qualified and certified consultants.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 400 consultants worldwide, we will gladly support you at all stages of your application and system maintenance cycles.

We can help your company achieve the following goals:

  • More time to focus on big, strategic projects
  • Faster maintenance and change cycles
  • Increase service levels
  • Positive impact on ROI


Dedicate your time to the digitization of your business, to innovations, and to the optimization of your business processes.

Spend less time managing your applications, and accelerate your maintenance cycles: “Focus on speed in small business enhancements.”

Do not hesitate to contact us now!

CNT is your implementation partner for SAP Application Services. With the help of our highly qualified consultants and their SAP and process expertise, your organization will reap maximum benefit from application services.

Steps in SAP innovation – integrated solution for your company.

  • Consulting
  • Application Development
  • Application Transition
  • Application Maintenance
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Application Documentation

We will be happy to support you along your application and system maintenance cycles

Reasons for CNT Application Services

  • More time for major strategic projects (focusing)
  • Acceleration of maintenance and change cycles
  • Increase service levels
  • Positive impact on ROI

Use your time to digitize your company, innovate and optimize your business processes.
Reduce your time spent managing your applications and speed up your maintenance cycles:”Focus on speed on small Business Enhancements.”

We offer the following support services:


CNT services at a glance

Our experienced SAP application experts offer “compliant” and proactive SAP Application Services as well as test support at affordable prices.

  • Support your solutions cost-effectively with us, from R/3 to S/4
  • Continuously improve your SAP and process solutions
  • Implement and test the latest innovations
  • We take care of your first-level and second-level support as part of defined SLA, and our SAP experts take over your SAP user support with the SAP Help Desk.
  • SAP user support in the administration of SAP processes and software
  • We take over the monitoring of your SAP landscape, application support, and your ticket management. Thus, we guarantee the ongoing optimization of your SAP systems.
  • We provide you with an SAP support team to ease the burden on your SAP in-house consultant and key user.
  • Improve your IT compliance and minimize failure risks in your system

Frequently asked questions about our SAP Application Services

What are SAP Application Services?

SAP Application Services stand for the outsourcing of application operation, application maintenance as well as application enhancement and optimization to external service providers such as CNT Management Consulting.

SAP Application Management Services are specifically designed for SAP ERP. They allow companies to focus on core competencies without the need to gain extensive SAP expertise.

Why is application maintenance important?

SAP application maintenance is essential if you want to take full advantage of the benefits and capabilities of IT applications. Only through application maintenance can disruptions be anticipated and prevented.

What are SAP Application Services?

Designed for SAP ERP, SAP Application Services allow companies to optimize and simplify IT processes.

What services are included?

The SAP Application Management Services included are: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Quality Management, Help Desk, Service Desk, and Ticketing.

What are the benefits of SAP Application Services?

Application Service (AS) stands for a combination of development, operation, support, and further development of application software. Also included is comprehensive user support.​

Essentially, SAP Application Services have the benefit of reducing both IT complexity and costs in your company.

SAP Application Services or SAP Support?

CNT Management Consulting AG can support your company with SAP Application Services as well as with SAP Support. Do not hesitate and contact us now!

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