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How to develop a RISE with SAP Roadmap for S/4HANA on Google Cloud


RISE with SAP Webinar

Thursday, August 11 at 11 AM EDT

Please join us for a unique opportunity to learn important insights on how to propel your SAP environment forward to RISE with SAP. In this webcast, we introduce expert advice to building your roadmap for SAP RISE with S/4HANA powered by Google Cloud infrastructure.


– Business Processes: Greenfield- or Brownfield transformation into RISE with SAP

– Operations: SAP Operations and Managed Services considerations for RISE with SAP

– Infrastructure: Why GCP as the chosen platform for RISE with SAP workloads


ManageCore and CNT Management Consulting are co-presenting a holistic approach on RISE with SAP with a combined roadmap to SAP Operations and Business Process Transformation on one of the preferred SAP RISE platforms GCP.

Join the presentation and learn how SAP RISE, SAP S/4HANA, and GCP are fundamentally changing the way we look at SAP operations and business process transformations.


Andy Wiesner


Managecore will be presenting how to streamline your RISE with SAP implementation, including example project plan templates, how to structure migrating non-RISE workloads directly to the cloud within the same project, key differentiators of Google Cloud infrastructure for SAP, and other operational considerations that should be considered for long-term success including basis automation.

Bernd Baier

CNT Management Consulting

CNT is presenting an assessment-based approach to developing RISE with SAP roadmap for your business processes. To date, CNT worked on 60+ S/4HANA projects covering various shades of greenfield transformation and brownfield conversions.

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