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Greenfield Approach

CNT Management Consulting » S/4HANA Conversion

What is the Greenfield Approach?

With the Greendfield approach, SAP S/4HANA is installed from scratch. For the new system, your existing processes are analyzed and adapted based on the pre-installed best practice processes. The focus is on process simplifications based on the latest innovations. This offers the possibility of a complete renewal and comprehensive simplification of your business processes. This approach also offers the possibility of data transfer, with a clear focus on master data.

When to choose the Greenfield Approach?

Your current business processes are outdated and no longer fit your business? Over the years, a lot of legacy data has accumulated and many ad-hoc solutions, code adjustments and configurations have been made in your system, making it much more difficult to maintain your system?

Are you new to the SAP world and looking for an ERP system that will make your company fit for digital transformation? We analyze your requirements and support you in your new start on the “greenfield”.

Brownfield Approach

What is the Brownfield Approach?

With the brownfield approach, an existing SAP ERP system is converted into an SAP S/4HANA system in several steps. Customizing and existing data are retained in this approach. Before the conversion, data cleansing is usually performed, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the existing system. The analysis is performed with the help of a series of SAP standard tools to identify and implement functional changes and necessary prerequisites for the conversion.

When to choose the Brownfield Approach?

Your system is close to standard, not very complex and you want to lift your business processes to the latest platform? Or you have customized solutions in place that have proven themselves over the years and you don’t want to do without them? Do you prefer an approach where your historical data is preserved and innovations can be adopted step by step? Maybe the brownfield approach is right for you. We support you in finding this out.

Selective Data Transition

When to choose Selective Data Transition?

You want to use new innovations for your business processes and flexibly decide which historical data you want to keep? Your system landscape has grown over the years and you want to consolidate several ERP instances, or you have the requirement to perform a carve-out? Your daily business should be affected as little as possible and you prefer a gradual transition? We can help you determine if Selective Data Transfer is the right approach for you. Whether conversion or new implementation, we identify and support your optimal path to SAP S/4HANA.

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