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Why is Customer Experience the foundation of successful corporations?

​Since the early days of the internet, when the digitalization started with small steps, it brings a steady growing challenge to acquire and retain customers. ​Nowadays consumers and customers are equipped with enormous options to get their desired products and services; from the manufacturer directly, from competitors, indirect via re-seller or even from marketplaces from all over the world.

The statistics show that the developments of the average cost for customer acquisition is steadily growing over the years and will continue to do so.

​Reducing churn, enhancing customer lifetime value and keeping the cost of customer acquisition low are the real challenges of the time.

A CRM System is a crucial component for this venture.

​Having a 360° overview about your customer base and being enabled to structure your marketing programs, sales cycle and after sales can significantly prolong the relationship with a customer. Automatically triggered engagements with your customer based on insights, for planned and unplanned events, enables you to deliver industry leading customer experience, keep track of any development and act fast with the right message at the right point in time.

​A CRM System does not only help to grow customer satisfaction, it will also strengthen your brand sustainably, harmonized experience for your customers. In addition, it keeps the promises to the customer by providing a simple buying experiences, fulfil orders in promised time and provide modern inquiry methods to excel in customer satisfaction for all customer touch points, in all markets.

Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition cost 


Customer Acquisition cost (CAC) are all cost spent to acquire new customer devided by the amount of new acquired customer.

Customer Lifetime Value(CLV) is the (calculated) profit over the whole time of a customer relationship

Customer churn because of bad experiences is an avoidable risk

Do all customer touch point experiences matter for the overall brand experience?

The customer is in the center of all interaction and gets a multitude of impressions fed back in his interactions with a brand.

​All these exemplary impressions are factored into the overall perception of the service, consciously or unconsciously.

The end-to-end experience matters. If one touch point, as e.g., the sales experience, excels and another touch point, as e.g. the “in time” goods delivery, is below customer expectation the overall experience is not perceived as a good one.

​An important aspect is that even a positive experience is setting expectation: This is the baseline for the next customer touch point. So, the real challenge is not to excel in the experience of one touch point, it is to establish the same quality of experience in all touch points, to all customers, any time!

Excellent quality in customer experience is the foundation for branding and recognition.


*The customer is in the center of all interaction and gets a multitude of Brand experiences feed back

What is the strength of SAP Customer Experience (CX)?

​​The SAP Customer Experience Suite is a cloud-based Software as a Service Solutions that augments the End-2-End processes of the SAP Intelligent Suite. SAP CX covers all steps in the process, from the first contact a customer has with a company, through decision making for a purchase to the aftersales interactions with the customer. It offers seamless integrated end-to-end business processes to ensure a highly personalized customer experience. SAP Customer Experience provides a data driven approach to automate processes with embed artificial intelligence to derive actions from the insights out of a huge amount of data. The SAP CX portfolio leverages the integration of various solutions for Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service and Customer Data

​The SAP CX Portfolio can easily be accessed via any web browser or native apps on mobile devices. The role-based model ensures tailored functionality based on the profession of the actual user and their needs and allows to setup data access authorization as required.

​A harmonized user experience within the whole intelligent enterprise suite is a key success factor for a fast adoption of the End-2-End processes, also from a user perspective.


What are the Key Features of the SAP Customer Experience Suite?

SAP Customer Experience Solutions for


SAP Sales Cloud

  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Activities & Visits
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Sales Quote & Orders
  • Sales Target Planning
  • Pricing
  • Mobile & Offline


  • Product Configuration
  • Dynamic Pricing

SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Customer Profile
  • Lead Nurturing & Scoring
  • Campaigns
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Consent & Subscriptions

SAP Service Cloud

  • B2C Customer Service
  • B2B Customer Service
  • Omni-Channel Service
  • Ticket & Case
  • Field Service

SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Digital Commerce Platform
  • Multiple Storefronts
  • Personalized Content
  • Product Content Mgmt

SAP Upscale Commerce

  • Mobile First Omnichannel Storefronts

SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Identity & Access Management
  • Consent & Preferences


  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • Brand Experience
  • Product Experience
  • Surveys

What are the enhancement and integration options of the SAP Customer Experience Suite?

​The cloud pillars of the SAP CX Portfolio can be used stand-alone, but to get the most value out of the portfolio, these systems can be highly integrated into other SAP Application or non-SAP applications. SAP provides standard integration flows for the integration of standard business objects, like e.g., Accounts, Products or Sales Orders, to accelerate the implementation.

​In case SAP standard functionality does not fit to the specific customer requirements, the cloud solutions can be extended via custom development. The extension capabilities reach from adding additional fields to complete business objects with the same look and feel in the user interface like for standard business objects. Even extension apps can be implemented and connected to the cloud solution without modifying the SAP standard. In addition, the technical architecture ensures resilience regarding future releases.

​Customer Experience suite is an open ecosystem which enables the corporation to integrate 3rd party applications as well. The Customer Experience Suite provides business services, master data services and methods to enable you for your custom innovation scenarios.

*Simplified illustration

How can we support your Customer Experience journey?

The Customer Experience Suite provides a variety of options and opportunities to define specific CRM journeys for corporation. CNT offers supports and guidance to discover available options to build a customer experience solution that fits to your purpose and industry.

Our support goes beyond CRM processes and integration. Our consultants have hands-on experience in S/4HANA and other SAP Applications. CNT has many years’ experience in industry specific end-to-end processes, that include logistic- and value flows.


Would you like to get a branch specific SAP Customer Experience demo?

​CNT provides ready to use demo scenarios with impressions about how SAP Customer Experience might look in these industries.  A demo of these industry processes might be a starting point for your initial assessment of SAP Customer Experience or could even be a Proof of Concept for your journey.

  • mechanical engineering industry demo


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