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Learn more about SAP ARIBA as solution for

  • Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Buying
  • Invoicing
  • Supplier Management

With our CAB-Package we implement SAP ARIBA purchasing and invoicing with connection to your SAP system at a fixed price.


With our DSN-Package you can use Ariba Network as exchange platform for orders, confirmations and invoices based on fix implementation costs.


Supplier can become Ariba ready with our ARS-Package.

We help you to use the platform as best as possible.


You need support as supplier with Ariba Network? We also offer support regarding enablement, activation or catalog load.


For a central monitoring of incoming order confirmations you can implement our proOCM solution.

CNT Makes your ARIBA run

CNT is your implementation partner for SAP Ariba solutions. We help you to implement state of the art processes for strategic and operational procurement.


Get your CAB package ®

Get your CAB Package®

Order, relax and quickly arrive

With our CAB-Package you reach your targets quickly. Just ordering our package, collect your data and use SAP Ariba Buying in a few days.


Our CAB-Package is the perfect start into digitization of your procurement processes. Benefit from a guided buying with SAP Ariba.

  • All processes are defined based on Best in class organizations
  • Roles, Authorizations and important functions for your Procurement are defined and just need to be used
  • Catalogs from well-known suppliers from different commodities are immediately available for your
  • Content for training and administration are ready for you
  • You can use your Ariba System just a few days after deployment

CNT Ariba Buying Package 

With our CAB-Package you will get SAP Ariba Buying and invoicing in a few days. Our flexible offers allow you to extend the package according to your needs. So you might start with a basic set-up and extend your solution in a later stage. It is up to you!


Basic CAB-Package

The CAB-Package contains the implementation of SAP Ariba Buying. After delivery from CNT you are able to:

  • use Ariba Guided Buying as intuitive user interface for occasional users
  • create ad-hoc orders
  • use the delivered catalog content from 5 selected suppliers
  • approve your requisitions according to our best-in-class process
  • administrate your solution
  • train your users

Basic CAB-Package contains SAP integration

The basic CAB-Package contains the connection of your SAP Ariba Buying solution with your SAP System. The most important deliverables from this package are:

  • transmit master data like cost centers from your SAP system to Ariba
  • send for example orders and invoices from Ariba to your  SAP system

Integration to non-SAP Systems is possible but will be offered only based on a pre-analysis of your system.


Supplier Enablement CAB-Package

Content is key for procurement processes. We support you to get more suppliers on board. Our enablement team will provide the following services:

  • Supplier onboarding and communication
  • Supplier training and support
  • Tracking of supplier enablement status
  • Content tracking and cut-over management

Service Procurement CAB-Package

You would like to buy services and use the process of service entry sheets? We implement the service procurement processes in your SAP Ariba Buying solution. With this package you will be able to:

  • Create service orders
  • Approve service orders
  • Get service entry sheets from suppliers
  • Enter service sheets manually
  • Approve service entry sheets

Invoicing CAB-Package

To cover your invoicing processes in SAP Ariba Invoicing add this package. With the management of invoices you can benefit from the following solutions:

  • Get electronic invoices from your suppliers over Ariba Network
  • Maintain invoices in Ariba
  • Check invoices against orders, receipts and service sheets and raise exceptions to be approved
  • Approve incoming invoices

Get your DSN-package

Get your DSN-Package

Digitize your procurement processes with our Digital Supplier Network Package(s). Connect with your suppliers

… at all places.


Our DSN-Packages help you to transact with your suppliers without any breaks in media. No matter if your supplier is big or small, located far away or next door.

  • Sent orders electronically to your suppliers over Ariba Network from your SAP System
  • Get order confirmation into SAP and process them without any manual work
  • Automatically handle ship notices and get a positive benefit in your warehouse processes
  • Get invoices into SAP without scanning and book them fully automated

Select from one of our DSN-Packages with the right size matching your needs.



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